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what does it mean to flatten a pdf

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The text in your presentation will be converted to bitmap representations

You can either add the PDF directly to a slide by clicking on the icon or you can use the "Create from file" optionChoosing this option will allow you to select the PDF file, which will open it in a separate window

what does it mean to flatten a pdf

Another option is to use a PDF ConverterThese tools can convert the PDF file to PowerPointHowever, they might be a little slower

what does it mean to flatten a pdf

They can also save the converted file in a folderCreate a new PowerPoint presentation from a PDF file If you have a PDF file you would like to convert into PowerPoint, there are a few steps to take

what does it mean to flatten a pdf

These include saving the file as a PDF, editing the file, and converting the PDF into PowerPoint

First, open the PDF you want to convert to PowerPointOnce you're done, you can save them

There's also the option to set the quality of your PDFsYou can also export your PDFs to Cloud storage

Lastly, you can edit your scanned documents to replace fonts and picturesThis is a great way to archive your scanned PDFs

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