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Therefore, it is important to have a high level of security when using a PDF

Besides viewing and creating PDFs, Foxit Reader allows you to work online, collaborate on documents, and securely sign your workIt also includes advanced cloud-sharing options and document tracking

pdf into image

Evince The Evince free PDF viewer is an easy to use, lightweight applicationIt allows you to view your favorite documents in a variety of waysMoreover, the software is free and open source, meaning you can download it and run it on your own

pdf into image

Evince is available for both Linux and Windows, and supports a variety of different file formatsIt also has some handy features, such as a search tool and a bookmarking feature

pdf into image

Evince's main purpose is to provide you with a fast and easy way to view your PDF files

In addition, the software has some useful features, such as a search function and a printing functionIf your document contains text that isn't embedded in the PDF, such as headers and footers, you can use the PDF Converter to convert these into embedded text

This allows you to view the text on your computer without the need to print or copy itHowever, the conversion may look different from the PDF

For example, your headers and footers will be converted to a bitmap image instead of the original fontUsing this option may increase the size of your PDF file, but it can be worth the tradeoff if you want the text to retain the same look as your Word document

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