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form i 912 pdf

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To change the font size, from the options menu , choose Text Size > [size]

Choose View > Display Options > Automatically ScrollingPress Esc to stop scrolling

form i 912 pdf

Retrace your viewing path You can find PDF pages that you viewed earlier by retracing your viewing pathIt’s helpful to understand the difference between previous and next pages and previous and next viewsPrevious and next pages refer to two adjacent pages, before and after the currently active page

form i 912 pdf

Previous and next view refer to your viewing historyFor example, if you jump forward and backward in a document, your viewing history retraces those steps, showing you the pages you viewed in the reverse order that you viewed them

form i 912 pdf

Choose View > Navigation > Previous View

To continue seeing another part of your path, do either of the following: Repeat step 1Marquee Zoom B

Continuous or Dynamic Zoom CActual Size D

Zoom to Page Level EFit Width F

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